Welcome to the introductory blog by AskChipo. LLC.

Why “AskChipo”? someone asked me recently, my response was and remains simple, because I believe asking questions is the key to accessing and reaching a point of knowledge, self-awareness, understanding, acknowledgement, reconciliation, healing and so many other aspects of life.

The main pillars of life that will be the main subject of discussion and conversation on this forum are around exercising spirit, mind, and body, family dynamics and relationships as well as education, not just academic, broadening the horizon of knowledge in whatever area is of interest to your growth and development.



This is a forum and safe space to ask the questions on your heart. AskChipo does not have all the answers, but together and the leading of Holy Spirit, I believe we can and will find the answers to your questions through open conversations, research and/or seeking experts on the subject in question. You can leave your questions on the website www.AskChipo.com or email them to [email protected]. Someone will be in touch to initiate the dialogue and quest to find the answers to your question.

Unfortunately, the narrative for many is that asking questions is received in the negative for both the person with the question and the person receiving the question. For some reason, fear of the unknown and fear of being vulnerable, real, and open with each other can be scary for most of us. Past experiences of sharing something personal and someone misusing that information drives us away from being ok with asking questions. Growing up I did not have the opportunity to ask many questions, which led me on a path that ONLY God could turn into something beautiful. I remember having questions about the absence of my biological mother and being afraid or consequences if I dared to ask. I am still learning to be comfortable to ask questions especially those that pertain to sensitive, emotional, and very personal issues. Giving up is not an option so I take it one question and one conversation at a time. It is ok to ask questions, even if and especially when they make you feel uncomfortable.  Take time to think about and be curious as to why the question and possible answer stirs up those feelings and emotions. Could it be some negative experience in the past is being triggered? Could it be fear of the possible answer to the question at hand? Or maybe it is fear or being vulnerable with the person who has the answer to the question. Whatever the reason is, it begs to be explored and unpacked. On the other hand, the reality is that it is not easy to ask oneself the “why” these feelings questions. We all need someone else to help us navigate that first step of asking why those feelings are being provoked by the thought of asking a specific question. The conversations and questions asked here will be kept in confidence.

Hard as it may be and feel, asking questions is part of our growing and development.

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    June 5, 2021

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