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This partial memoir is filled with information and advice about how to overcome childhood trauma from a Christian woman’s’ perspective. My story will take you on a journey from childhood trauma, parents’ divorce through how it colored, influenced, and shaped me as an adult and my experience in the single motherhood process. Follow me on my journey of self-discovery, as well as how i wrestled with the effects of unresolved childhood trauma, and my spiritual, psychological, and emotional journey towards healing. Explore the long-term effects of my childhood trauma and how difficult the fight is to overcome the said trauma. Come along as we uncover some basic steps that can help the healing process including, recognizing the presence of lingering effects of the trauma, seeking help, and most importantly the significance of doing the work that it takes to heal. Follow along as i embarked on this journey to be the God-fearing single mother she is today.

In The Palm of His Hands: From Childhood Trauma to Single Motherhood. Paperback - May 2021 by Chipo Mathis (Author)

A woman is praying in the palm of her hands.

On the other side I am a John Maxwell certified speaker. A passionate, patient-centric, clinical case manager dedicated Clinical Documentation Specialist. Has experience in providing improved quality as well as maintaining integrity in the electronic medical records. At one point in my life was an excellent staff nurse, charge nurse, and team leader. I remain passionate about working alongside family crisis response to provide psychological first aid as well as post trauma care and counseling. An experienced advocate for the disadvantaged in diverse populations and cultures. Now sharing my life experience through print in the hope that one person will be blessed, encouraged and become brave enough to reach out for help or to help another.

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